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DuVersity Manifesto

The DuVersity Manifesto
DuVersity: the dramatic unfolding of unity in diversity and enfolding of diversity in unity.
Internet 1996

The DuVersity is, inherently, the school which every human being attends, whether they know it or not.

The universe is uncertain and dramatic. Without uncertainty, we could not even be alive; while, without the drama of alternative potentials attending choice and decision, we cannot hope to be intelligent.

There is an increasing fragmentation of human thought because of both the inner and the collective separations of people, due to self-deception, beliefs, cultural conditioning and so on. Besides this, there is also a work of fusion that takes many forms; some of which are, however, antagonistic to each other. Traditional policies which assume a singular essential reality from which all else devolves produce ideological systems that enslave human minds. The Whole, the One, is plural and multifarious; it is everywhere and everywhen. The One is Many and the Many, One.

None of us may understand what is going on. Even all of us, together, may not understand. These differences and antagonisms are essential for telling us that we do not understand in the way we are habituated to understand. The future lies beyond both agreement and disagreement.

A shift in understanding is possible in moments of crisis, when uncertainty becomes concentrated. The energies released are similar to those released in earthquakes and other disasters, when what happens in human consciousness is unexpected. Outer crises serve to provide the energy through which understanding of the whole and individual realisation can begin. The corresponding inner transition is a creative action through which superior, or ‘cosmic’ information can be accessed.

Among the scattered thoughts of mankind are the legacies of ancient teachings and their reformulations in modern times. These mingle with scientific news and the emotional images of popular culture. Amidst this Babel of tongues, the DuVersity locates itself provisionally in the writings and methodological inheritance of G. I. Gurdjieff and J. G. Bennett in particular. From this momentum come two main concerns:

1. Understanding the whole. In Gurdjieff ’s words, the All of Everything and, in Bennett’s words, integration without rejection. This is the synergic option, maintained through dialogue.

2. Individual realisation through direct insight and hazard. Direct empiricism – investigating the ‘I’.

Affiliation with the ‘timeline’ of Gurdjieff and Bennett is by way of using it as current to swim with, in the context of many others. It is a point of departure. A school to teach the methodology of the DuVersity may not be possible in physical space because of the disintegrative forces currently operating. Or, it might have to ‘hide’ itself in order to survive.

The DuVersity can operate in a deliberate way when there is a conjunction of elements:

HAZARD: engagement in a dramatic moment of existence
SYNERGY: enlargement of our understanding of the universe
TRUE SELF: work in our own unique being, or ipseity
SELF-ORGANISATION: creation of emergent enterprise in the present moment. For this to be viable as an enterprise in which many people can usefully participate, there is also the requirement of:
DIALOGUE: building and investing in communications infra-structure and practicing accompanying conscious disciplines

Anyone capable of recognising the nature of the DuVersity is already, in some sense, a member of it. Only, many steps can be taken to make their participation more specific and more challenging.
A first step is to communicate with others who can question current assumptions. A second is to adopt conscious disciplines. A third is to realise that intelligence can be increased in self-organisation, only within a specifically structured present moment involving others.