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Prague 1968

August 5th Vaclavske Namesti Anthony Blake Reconstruction – It takes along time But it is here, now. Now there is a going forward The past is disowned – becomes crude foundations. The piles must go deep Searchingly, into what is solid. The construction – It must not be weak Liable to collapse And recrimination. It must make room enough For
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A Theatre for Us

by A. R. Orage In conversation recently with a number of the intelligentsia (meaning no less, in America, than people interested in the Little Review) the topic perambulated round to the theatre. Wishing to make an experiment for my own curiosity, I asked everybody present to recall the occasions, within the previous twelve months, when he or she had been
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DuVersity Manifesto

The DuVersity Manifesto DuVersity: the dramatic unfolding of unity in diversity and enfolding of diversity in unity. Internet 1996 The DuVersity is, inherently, the school which every human being attends, whether they know it or not. The universe is uncertain and dramatic. Without uncertainty, we could not even be alive; while, without the drama of alternative potentials attending choice and
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