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Tie Your Camel to the Hitching Post – An Interview with Jacob Needleman

An Interview with Jacob Needleman By Melissa West Jacob Needleman, professor of philosophy at San Francisco State University, has been on a lifelong quest to integrate the great spiritual and wisdom teachings of the world with how to live the challenges of everyday life, writing books on love, time, medicine, and psychiatry. In his search, Needleman realized almost a decade
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Dissolving of Separation

Dissolving of our outer separation of time and space, inner and outer John Kirby Until recently science has thought that due to the nature and temperature of the Earth’s inner core that the whole core must be comprised of some form of liquid, metallic liquid. Only in the last two or three years have they found that the inner core
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Sacred Number and the Lords of Time

This new book by Richard Heath, one of our contributing authors, may solve the enigma of “where Egypt came from?” (in terms of its sudden rise to a high civilisation that built enigmatic Pyramid structures and sophisticated ideas about gods and the afterlife.) The paper book can be pre-ordered at the publisher ( or from Amazon, who can also offer immediate download
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