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Moment of Creation

  Astronomers have found the first direct evidence of cosmic inflation, the theorized dramatic expansion of the universe that put the “bang” in the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago, new research suggests. If it holds up, the landmark discovery — which also confirms the existence of hypothesized ripples in space-time known as gravitational waves — would give researchers a
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On a Musical Safari

ON A MUSICAL LOGOSAFARI by Edward Matchett “If music be the food of love, play on…” … William Shakespeare:  Twelfth Night Introduction Music is media’s Special Emissary for creating the conditions in which miracles happen easily and meaning comes into blossom everywhere.  Where there is no music, everyone’s world is starved of essential vibrations. When music, particularly new music and music
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Rock me on the Water

from Jackson Browne, Rock Me On The Water:– Oh people, look around you The signs are everywhere You’ve left it for somebody other than you To be the one to care You’re lost inside your houses There’s no time to find you now Your walls are burning and your towers are turning I’m going to leave you here and try
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sustained incoherence

Armageddon, Why Bother?

an essay by richard heath The recent period has already had its share of “armageddons”, as possible end points for the human race, or its developed countries, and/or the natural world. Armageddon is named after the Bible’s idea of where (modern Tel Megiddo, below) the final confrontation between good and evil is supposed to happen by God’s will, and some
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Prayer and Love as the Practicality of Entering the Age of Will

Prayer and Love as the Practicality of Entering the Age of Will Embracing and Ending the Fall by John Kirby “Prayer is really and truly an act of the ‘I’” – J G Bennett, A Spiritual Psychology “Pray because through prayer your faith grows and love is born…pray for the gift of love because love is the only truth…only if you have
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Sufism of Annihilation and Permanent Non-Being

For Aspirants of (Tahkik) Sufism of Annihilation and Permanent Non-Being Notes from Hasan Bey   The One who is not content with the Religious Way or intellectual-scientific studies turns to Annihilation. This is the degree of Absolute Truth which is beyond Mystical-Religious orders. Sufism of Annihilation is from iskaat’i izafat to Ref’itaayun. This, passing from the concrete to the Abstract,
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