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emergence and creativity

It will be necessary in the future to situate [the philosophies of emergence and creativity] within the universal cosmology and so bring their significance into a truer perspective. J.G. Bennett, Dramatic Universe, volume 1, page 453  

First Ever Picture of Earth from Mars

  “A human observer with normal vision, if standing on Mars, could easily see Earth and the moon as two distinct, bright ‘evening stars’,” said a NASA spokesperson. In this enhanced image, you can see the Earth’s solitary satellite chasing its host planet around the cosmos.

Symbolism by John Bennett

2.4-7- SYMBOLICAL LANGUAGE   p. 85 The Dramatic Universe Vol. I From our study of the categories we can see that the relativity of wholeness introduces a dimension which no system of signs can adequately represent. The very word ‘whole’ when used as a sign cannot carry all the meanings of wholeness that we encounter in our experience. This can readily
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Gurdjieff Movements in Konya

  In the Konya Mystic Music Festival held in September 2013, a major contribution was by Wim van Dullemen with his group showing performances from the repertoire of Gurdjieff’s movements. You can see part of a movement at KonyaGurdjieff. Wim has just yesterday made available some other extracts on his web site These are among the finest interpretations ever made of  Gurdjieff’s
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