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An installed moment

Even through computer screen this creates an extraordinary ‘moment’. Nonotak

Ignorance and Democracy

Though this work dates back two years or more it’s intrinsically ‘recent’ so might count as ‘news’.  Iain Couzin at Princetown argues that having a large part of the electorate  ignorant and ill-informed is an advantage – in terms of off-setting the influence of powerful minorities. This counter-intuitive result is typical of reasoned investigation. Nearly all popular assumptions are wrong.
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Spiritual practice

Arleta Griffor January 26th 2014 The only non idiotic spiritual practice is to constate what is.

The Sumerian Ark was round

A new cuneiform tablet has emerged which gives us, for the first time, an account of the size and shape of the Ark featured in the Babylonian Story of the Flood. Dated about 1750 BC the text describes the making of a vast ‘coracle’. See BabylonianArk. Also the book of the discovery The Ark before Noah, by Irving Finkel, curator
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Megalithic Science

Richard Heath’s new book, out in June this year, Sacred Number and the Lords of Time, advances our understanding of the mathematics and astronomy of the Megalithic age. His story goes back into paleolithic times and  forward into classical civilization.  It is an original and thought-provoking survey that includes much that is new, especially concerning the ideas embedded in the site
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A Scene Removed from How the West Was Won

  “We’d never get away with that…” John Kirby Around 140 years ago five men, looking like any other cowboys, sat around a table in a bar in the mid west of North America. They were having a break from their endless work as part of the creating of a new civilization in what was becoming the United States. Although
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Getting here

Anthony Blake January 24th 2014   People talk of getting a soul and reaching there. I think the real business is getting here. 

What if God

 John Kirby January 21st 2014

Social Dreaming Pioneer

Gordon Lawrence, pioneer of the Social Dreaming Matrix, died recently (at the end of 2013). Anthony Blake engaged with him over many years in several video-conversations. One of these (2002) can be viewed here  


Anthony Blake June 2011 Preamble The term ‘systematics’ relates to John Bennett’s idea of ‘multi-term systems’. These were given the names Monad, Dyad, Triad, and so on according to their number of terms (see The Dramatic Universe Vol. 3). Bennett’s definition of a system was: A set of independent but mutually relevant terms. I prefer not to use this definition
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