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New website(-blog) called LogoSynthesis

 … Because the human world has already been created from outside oneself, this puts us in receipt of what is already completed. Our own work within the creation is then destined to be some kind of reversal of creation, an Uncreation, necessary for anything really new to be created from, and for, ourselves…

Sacred Number and the Lords of Time

This new book by Richard Heath, one of our contributing authors, may solve the enigma of “where Egypt came from?” (in terms of its sudden rise to a high civilisation that built enigmatic Pyramid structures and sophisticated ideas about gods and the afterlife.) The paper book can be pre-ordered at the publisher ( or from Amazon, who can also offer immediate download
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Ernest McClain Passed Away

ERNEST MCLAIN (1918-2014) Ernest died evening Friday 24th April 2014 at his home in Washington. He was active to the end in sharing in and discussing ideas of the harmonic basis of ancient wisdom. His first book The Myth of Invariance published in 1973 put forward the idea that ancient scriptures were constructed on the basis of structures of tonality, and was meant to
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Moment of Creation

  Astronomers have found the first direct evidence of cosmic inflation, the theorized dramatic expansion of the universe that put the “bang” in the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago, new research suggests. If it holds up, the landmark discovery — which also confirms the existence of hypothesized ripples in space-time known as gravitational waves — would give researchers a
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First Ever Picture of Earth from Mars

  “A human observer with normal vision, if standing on Mars, could easily see Earth and the moon as two distinct, bright ‘evening stars’,” said a NASA spokesperson. In this enhanced image, you can see the Earth’s solitary satellite chasing its host planet around the cosmos.

Gurdjieff Movements in Konya

  In the Konya Mystic Music Festival held in September 2013, a major contribution was by Wim van Dullemen with his group showing performances from the repertoire of Gurdjieff’s movements. You can see part of a movement at KonyaGurdjieff. Wim has just yesterday made available some other extracts on his web site These are among the finest interpretations ever made of  Gurdjieff’s
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Ignorance and Democracy

Though this work dates back two years or more it’s intrinsically ‘recent’ so might count as ‘news’.  Iain Couzin at Princetown argues that having a large part of the electorate  ignorant and ill-informed is an advantage – in terms of off-setting the influence of powerful minorities. This counter-intuitive result is typical of reasoned investigation. Nearly all popular assumptions are wrong.
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The Sumerian Ark was round

A new cuneiform tablet has emerged which gives us, for the first time, an account of the size and shape of the Ark featured in the Babylonian Story of the Flood. Dated about 1750 BC the text describes the making of a vast ‘coracle’. See BabylonianArk. Also the book of the discovery The Ark before Noah, by Irving Finkel, curator
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Megalithic Science

Richard Heath’s new book, out in June this year, Sacred Number and the Lords of Time, advances our understanding of the mathematics and astronomy of the Megalithic age. His story goes back into paleolithic times and  forward into classical civilization.  It is an original and thought-provoking survey that includes much that is new, especially concerning the ideas embedded in the site
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Social Dreaming Pioneer

Gordon Lawrence, pioneer of the Social Dreaming Matrix, died recently (at the end of 2013). Anthony Blake engaged with him over many years in several video-conversations. One of these (2002) can be viewed here